Vince Gironda was a bodybuilder, personal trainer, author, and owner of famous Vince’s Gym.

He was known for a controversial approach to nutrition and training.

Just by watching this short video you can get to know that he was very strict and influential as a trainer.


Vince’s Gironda Principles

  • Bodybuilding is 85% nutrition
  • Gironda was against using the regular bench press for chest training, which he considered an inferior exercise because it involved too much front deltoid 
  • He did not prescribe regular back squats (his gym had no squat racks)
  • No steroids

Famous clients

A short list of stars who trained at Vince’s Gym includes William Smith, Robert BlakeCherClint EastwoodDenzel WashingtonJames GarnerBrian KeithRobert McRayTommy Chong (of Cheech & Chong), Gordon ScottJeff GoldblumBrad DavisMichael BowenClint WalkerPeter LupusSean Penn and Erik Estrada.

Vince’s Secret Locker

Karl Coyne brought back Girondas legacy and put it in the way that all fitness enthusiasts appreciate.

This is how ” Vince’s Secret Locker ” was born. If you Love bodybuilding, you’ll love this book too.

This book is inspired by passion, written with passion for people with passion for IRON SPORT.

As the old saying goes: ” Strategies change, principles not ”

This is actually what you can find inside Vince’s Secret Locker.

Principles and wisdom. 600 pages of great reading. It’s a must-have for everyone who lifts weights.

Vince’s Secret Locker

What people say

This is a must have for anyone who spent time at Vince’s Gym as well as for anyone who wishes they had. A tremendous trip down memory lane for me, having worked there as a trainer in the early ’80’s. I count myself very fortunate to have had that experience and thanks to Karol for all the work that he put into this project.

Mitch David Carter

If you’re serious about bodybuilding and want to know the truth from the real pioneer of physical training and nutrition, then consider getting both editions , cause they’re unique in their own way. It’s like a Ferrari and Lamborghini edition! Best work I’ve ever seen! Genius!

Constantine Malamov (Bulgaria)

The VSL 1 Enhanced book is just as sensational as the other two books in the trilogy. I regard the trilogy as the gold standard for anyone looking for a comprehensive resource on the ideas and life of a true bodybuilding pioneer. In addition to being well written, the trilogy is a triumph as an artistic masterpiece.

William Gonzalez

I received your book today, all I can say is WOW!

John Balik-Former Ironman magazine Publisher

What celebrities say

As I turned the pages I was quickly reminded why I fell in love with bodybuilding as a kid.  Vince’s Secret Locker is a treasure trove of practical information presented beautifully by Coyne.  The information found in this book is a throwback to a simpler time, when physiques were built on basic principles and practical implementation.

Dan Solomon

If you are interested in learning how to build muscle and lose fat, and how to properly feed yourself, this is collection of classic information.

Charles R Poliquin

Love the book

Lou Ferrigno


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This book earned global appreciation and was positively reviewed by many fitness enthusiasts, influencers including celebrities.

That’s why we are honestly recommending ”Vince’s Secret Locker”.

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