OYO Personal Gym – Home Fitness Equipment Used By NASA

Do you exercise at home and bored with only bodyweight exercises, bands, and dumbbells? If you want to get some new items in your home gym arsenal – OYO Personal Gym can be the right choice.

About OYO Fitness

OYO Fitness is one of the fastest-growing brands in the fitness industry. The OYO team began with Paul Francis, founder, CEO, and developing SpiraFlex powered fitness hardware with NASA that helped astronauts counteract bone and muscle loss in space. 

His SpiraFlex technology was later licensed to Nautilus Inc. to power the Bowflex Revolution. Francis launched OYO Fitness to create portable personal health and fitness equipment to enable people to fit fitness into their lifestyle.

OYO Personal Gym

OYO Fitness Director Nick Bolton has created over 60 beginner to advanced workout videos, including workouts that integrate resistance training with cardio, HIIT, yoga, Pilates, and walking.

Nick has also developed the highly successful OYO 10 Week Challenge Program, available to stream free online. With your purchase, you’ll receive everything you need to start working out immediately.

What Is Included in OYO Fitness Personal Gym

  • Over 60 Men & Women, Beginner to Advanced Workout Programs, including Resistance Training, Cardio, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, and Walking
  • 25 pounds of resistance in total and Leg and Door Anchors, 
  • Nutrition guide, and free online access to 197 exercise videos.

What People Say

OYO Personal Gym
OYO Personal Gym

This exercise equipment is excellent. It is convenient and fun. I am a health and exercise enthusiast. The OYO Personal Gym takes away all of the usual excuses that people come up with for not exercising. You don’t have to go to the gym. The gym is at your side. You don’t need a lot of space or dedicated area in your home. It’s small and lightweight. It feels good to use it.

Shelby from USA

I’m impressed with the Oyo personal gym. I’m presently recuperating from hip surgery and I find it to be an asset. I am able to do a number of exercises while watching TV.

Others I can get more involved in as part of my regimen. I can go from one exercise to another with minimal effort. No adjusting to be done except for the leg exercises when using the leg attachments. I can take the oyo gym with me anywhere I may. On vacation or to my trailer.

Mel from USA

OYO Personal Gym Price

149.99 USD – That’s it. Considering versatility and quality of this equipment – it’s fair enough.

* Before you purchase it please be aware that resistance is relatively low. It’s very suitable for high volume workout with more repetitions.