Hyperwear Vest For Super Comfortable Weighted Workout

Have you tried ever working-out in the vest, but you find it bulky and limiting movements? If you want to still stack up some extra weight on your body and level-up your workout – Hyperwear Vest can be the answer.

About The Brand

Hyperwear creates innovative, high-quality fitness equipment designed to help our customers accelerate their results and meet the performance goals they set for themselves. Brand stands for innovation, quality, and an unconventional approach to fitness, performance, and healthy lifestyles.

Hyperwear Vest

Hyperwear Vest ELITE is the sleek, durable, adjustable, and form-fitting weighted vest. The innovative design features a unique fabric control system that hugs the body for an extremely comfortable fit but does not restrict the motion range. 

The heavy-duty cordura material is ready to withstand your most challenging workouts, and reflective elements allow for safe early morning or late evening workouts.

Hyperwear Vest
Hyperwear Vest

Comfortable & Body Hugging Design

There are plenty of vests out there, but usually, they are super bulky. 

It can limit your range of movement in specific exercises or even make them impossible to perform.

That’s why Hyperwear came up with the answer – thin, finely adjustable, comfortable heavy vest with patented fit sized to hug your body and keep the weight from hanging from shoulders during any movement and allowing you to breathe during bodyweight workouts.

What People Say

So far I love this vest. Very comfortable, well made, nice and adjustable which is super important. I see myself walking in it a lot to promote my bones to become more dense as I suffer from Osteopenia and would rather not be this way. I am short bodied 5’0” and the small fits me just right.

Lynn from USA

I have a 40 lb vest, and it’s good for walking, but not other activities like push-ups, sit-ups, and plyo moves. That’s where this vest comes in. The fit can be snug because you can form it to your body. You can sprint wearing it and not worry about it flopping around on you.

Satisfied Customer

Exceptional quality and feel. I use it for HIIT/Tabata sessions and WOD’s. The fit is snug enough that it can even be used in WOD’s calling for barbell work. I have used it with no undershirt for workouts lasting 20 minutes with minimal discomfort/chafing, though it is more comfortable with a form-fitting shirt underneath. Weights fit securely in place and do not move around during workouts. I would absolutely buy it again.

Nick from USA

Hyperwear Vest Price

Hyperwear Vest comes in 3 different weights ( 10,15,20 LBS ) ,and price varies accordingly from $219.00 – $299.99.

If you are serious about taking your workouts to the next level, give it a try. For sure, you will be satisfied with the comfort that Hyperwear Vest provides.