Even the best L Carnitine won’t burn your fat if you won’t follow a certain protocol.

All supplements should be an addiction to your proper diet and regular training.

If you have these covered then fine. Go for supplements and you’ll see them working.

L-carnitine is one of the supplements which gives you almost immediate results as it does:

  • speed up muscle recovery, delay exhaustion.
  • promote muscle growth and fat loss during workouts
  • transport fatty acids to support your cardiovascular energy levels

If mentioned effects are in area of your interest then l carnitine is a supplement to go for.

Here is our list of the best products on the market which are ranked the highest among the buyers.

#1. ARAZO – Bestsellers Among The L-Carnitine Products

arazo l-carnitine

What people say

I ordered this product and started taking the daily servings. Already noticing a quicker recovery and seeing myself getting leaner. I would definitely re-order this again!

Great performance, I’m usually suspicious and skeptical about some advertising on products but this product really works and I combined with others to boost my training and I’m getting extra power to lift more weight. 


bri nutrition l-carnitine

What people say

I’m 70 years old and an avid competitor in several sports. I have used L-Carnitine when I competed in bodybuilding (1997) ABBA 2nd USA, 2nd Worlds and 2nd Natural Universe. I compete in Standup Paddle board races and play 3 hours of Pickleball, sometimes 6 days a week. Since gotten back into working out with weights and after several months decided that I would get back on my “old” supplements, including L-Carnitine.

I can really feel and see the difference in my total poundage age and muscle gains. I don’t know how much of it is due to the L-Carnitine, BUT everything is GOOD. 5’8″ 200 lbs. ex. 180lb. tricep pulldowns and going for 200. Thanks BRI for making great products.

Pure energy! !! Seriously works. I have an autoimmune disease that causes major fatigue, this helps the best out of everybody else I tired. Make sure it’s extra strenght.


prosups l-carnitine

What people say

Works great, increase sperm count. I bought it for my husband and it was working for him and also giving him energy for the gym.

I take every morning like a shot and each evening. Little energy, massively helps in muscle recover and the berry is good but strong, stout flavor. I haven’t tried it in water yet but I hear it’s amazing.

#4. MET-RX

met-rx l carnitine

What people say

As always, MetRx is a top notch brand with a very performance lab. I’m a professional fitness competitor and personal trainer and been using this product for about two years. I take one table spoon with my pre-workout meal. 30-45 min before my workout. It works and tastes delicious also. I definitely recommend it.
Best l-carnitine concentration with a boost of energy.

I’m allergic to stevia and liquid supplements are always difficult because of that. I was thrilled to find this and that it is sweetened with sorbitol. I have no gastric issues with it and I think it has been helping. For those of us with allergies to stevia, this is perfect.


nutra l carnitine

What people say

Tastes far better than any of the competing products I have tried. I had heard great things about this brand and I am glad that the things I heard were true. Thank you, I will be buying this again!

Good stuff. I really see results with this combined with my weight training & cardio, only takes 3 weeks to start seeing results & it does help with weight loss if you work out.


dymatize l-carnitine

What people say

Its a good product, nice taste and does its work.

Too small … but taste was good

#7. MTS

mts l carnitine

What people say

5 star is for the taste!!!! Its better than I for the product itself, I usually take recommended amount right before I head out for a jog and every time I get cramps.

Tastes fantastic and seems to be getting me the results I want. I take it every morning on an empty stomach before I hit the gym.