Ben Francis Grows Gymshark to 1,3 bln Dollar Company. What’s Next?

Ben Francis, Founder of Gymshark, started his company in 2012 selling supplements. He said that he has never even dreamed of taking it to the stage where it’s right now.

Over the last eight years, Gymshark became one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK with fitness ambassadors across the globe.

What is the success behind the scenes of Gymshark?

Here are the secrets.

Quality that serves the purpose

Ben and his team offer their customers clothing that is just perfect for training at the gym. No wonder why the name ”gymshark” fits perfectly.

Clothes serve the purpose of 100 percent. Let’s have a look at T-shirts, for example. They come in simple design, comfort fitting, and, most importantly – allow your skin to breathe during the workout.

A strong following and relevant content 

On Gymshark’s website, you can see a slogan:

It’s not just in the designs. It’s in the people who wear them.

Brand on Instagram itself has whooping 4,7 mln followers. Most of those people are fitness enthusiasts who love traditional old school bodybuilding that Gymshark cultivates religiously.

Definitely part of the Gymshark success is an association with fitness industry influencers. Among the brand’s ambassadors, we can include Steve Cook, Matt Ogus, Nikki Backketer, David Laid, Robin Gallant, Chris Lavado, or Ryan Terry.


Ben says that Gymshark is not only clothes, but it’s also a community. In his recent post on Linkedin, he posted, ” let’s take it to the next level and create the greatest fitness community.”

Wearing Gymshark clothes creates a feeling of belonging to the group of fitness-minded people who thrive to become better, and they work hard for it.

What’s the next move?

Behind such a massive investment of capital, we can expect some serious strategy. Maybe soon, we will see Gymshark Lifting Clubs across the globe to connect people who love to lift? Let’s see.