Amazon Halo – The Newest Fitness Tracker on The Market

Amazon INC introduced to the customers” Amazon Halo”- a new service dedicated to improving their wellbeing.

Amazon Halo is an AI-powered health app that tracks various parameters to assess your physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.

Apart from tracking, the app offers a variety of content curated by 100 + health & wellness experts.

Amazon Halo Content Suite

Amazon Halo – Design

New Fitness Band from amazon is built to focus on health monitoring and collecting data. It doesn’t have the screen, so all operations are accessible from smartphones.

It comes in three different colors like Black/Onyx, Winter/Silver, and Blush/Rose Gold. 

People who prefer a casual look can choose a woven band. For those more sporty, Amazon offers a high-performance silicone band.

amazon halo functionalities
Amazon Halo Functionalities

Amazon Halo – Features

Tracker collects the data through a small sensor and read:

  • Acceleration
  • Temperature, 
  • Heart rate 
  • Body Composition – body fat percentage, a better indicator of health than weight or BMI alone.
  • Intensity & duration of your movement plus sedentary time.
  • Sleep patterns and frequency of your wake-ups during the night.

New Amazon’s baby has only one button and two microphones that can read your voice’s tone to analyze qualities of your voice like energy and positivity to help strengthen communication and social wellbeing.

amazon halo fitness tracking
Amazon Halo Fitness Tracking

Battery life & water resistance

If you are frustrated with charging way too often your tracker, you could be pretty satisfied with the new Amazon Halo.

It charges fully from 0% in less than 90 minutes. Battery life varies on usage and depends mostly on whether you use a voice tone detector or not. You can expect battery life up to 7 days with a tone detector disabled, up to 2 days with a tone detector enabled. 

Yes, you can swim with Amazon halo, and it’s water-resistant up to 5 atm.


The device costs 99 USD, but Amazon offers a discount available during the early access period, so you can buy it as low as 64,99 USD.

Amazon Halo is a subscription-based service that is free of charge for the first six months of use. After that period cost of membership with access to all features costs 3,99 a month.

amazon halo fitness tracker