Michie Peachie is a living legend when it comes to a booty workout.

Her Instagram account has 934 K followers and still growing.

When you need a kick of motivation to push the workout, just watch one of her inspirational videos, so you’ll be pumped and ready to crush it!

We were pleased to have a word with Michie Peachie about her lifestyle, training, and nutrition.

If you’re interested in improving your fitness and of course booty – stay with us.

Michie Peachie and her secret for juicy glutes

michie peachie

 Your booty workouts are legendary. Could you tell us, how often you really work on this body part?

If you could only point out 4 exercises for the most effective workout. What would they be?

I work my booty 2 to 3 times per week with varied load/reps.

For example:

1st day: heavy day

2nd day: light day

3rd day: medium day.

Most effective exercises for the booty, in my opinion, are:

  • hip thrust
  • hip abduction
  • deadlift
  • cable kickbacks

Michie Peachie about nutrition

How does your diet look like? Do you follow any certain protocol?

Paleo, LowCarb, Keto? What are your principles? 

I believe in eating clean. This means minimal ingredients and fresh food. I avoid packaged products with long ingredients lists. Lots of veggies and small amounts of fruit.

I don’t follow any special or trending diets. My macro count changes with my goals and what I am training for at the time. If I am trying to gain muscle I will be at a caloric surplus.

If I am trying to lean out for a shoot I would be on a caloric deficit. The Macro percentages will vary also but that’s a bit more complicated. Everyone’s body works differently.

There is no one diet that fits everyone. What works for one person may not work for another. You should experiment and find what works best for you.

Michie Peahie about real work and consistency

You are an inspiration for many people. No doubt. Apart from that, you are also an extremely successful coach. If you could share a bit of wisdom with our readers. What would be a piece of advice for optimal fitness?

Consistency and diet is the key to a getting result. You can never out-train your diet.

I recommend keeping it simple when you start out. Make sure you complete all your workouts, keep your diet on point and hit your water intake goals daily.

If you have a setback or miss a day don’t stress and get back on track ASAP. 

Results don’t come overnight. You have to stay consistent and you will see changes slowly over time. In the end, it’s totally worth it. I have never had a client transform their body and regret any of the hard work they put in. 

Michie Peachie about setting goals and lifestyle

michie peachie

How do you manage extensive traveling, meetings, dinners, etc… with your training routine?

Proper planning is key if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you are busy. Best case scenario you should meal prep and bring your food with you.

If this is not an option you need to familiarize yourself with healthy option foods at restaurants that you can fit into your diet.

It’s very easy for almost any restaurant to make a simple plate if it is not on the menu. Something like chicken or fish with rice and veggies is possible to get almost anywhere.

You just have to be able to resist temptation if you are eating with others that don’t have the same goals as you. It is tough but possible for sure.

Also, I recommend tracking your workouts with an app that you have on your phone at all times. This keeps you visually accountable to yourself when you look at the app.

For example, my Fitplan app has great features to log your workout times, reps, sets, weights, etc.. and places this all on a calendar to look back at all workouts completed within the app.

I also have a private Facebook group for members of my app. Support from others that have the same goals as you really helps to keep you on track! 


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