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We are proud to announce a list of 20 fitness influencers to follow in 2019. These people are one of the most passionate, dedicated and experienced professionals in the fitness field.

#1. Jeremy Scott

fitness influencer Jeremy Scott

WARNING: visiting Jeremy Scott Fitness you risk getting smarter, faster, stronger, leaner, sexier, and a more permanently irresistible body to men and women alike.

Please proceed at the risk of reaching your goals and living a healthy, happy, kick-ass life!

#2. Cindy Landolt

fitness influencer cindy landolt

Beyond her direct training role, Cindy also created the Worlds first FREE ‘Live Training’ stream, using 6 Cameras in Full HD to coach people all over the World in perfect training form, as well as publishing a Newsletter to over 70,000 individuals, providing them with free training and nutrition information, and access to her many E-Books.

Cindy has made it her mission to provide freely as much training and nutrition information as possible, to as many people as she can reach, whilst focusing solely on the most effective training methods known throughout the world.

#3. Al Kavadlo

fitness influencer al kavadlo

Al Kavadlo is one of the world’s leading experts in bodyweight strength training and calisthenics.

The author of several books, including the Amazon bestsellers Get Strong and Street Workout, Kavadlo is also known for his appearance in the popular Convict Conditioning book series.

Famous for smiling while performing some of the most difficult bodyweight exercises imaginable, Al has racked up millions of views on his YouTube channel.

#4. Michelle Lewin

fitness influencer michellelevin

Part fitness model, part bodybuilder, part bikini babe – Michelle is visible all over the globe.

After immigrating to America in 2012, she has become the latin queen of the fitness scene and her svelte figure has graced over 30 magazine covers, from Sports & Fitness to Her Muscle & Fitness to Iron Man.

#5 Rich Roll

fitness influencer rich roll

A graduate of Stanford University and Cornell Law School.

Rich is a accomplished vegan ultra-endurance athlete and former entertainment attorney turned full-time wellness & plant-based nutrition advocate.

popular public speaker, husband, father of 4 and inspiration to people worldwide as a transformative example of courageous and healthy living.

#6. Neghar Fononi

fitness influencer neghar fanoni

Writer, artist, healer, witch, mom, intersectional feminist, entrepreneur, woman on a mission. Woman who loves to write, illustrate, read tarot.

Among all mentioned fitness influencers Neghar, in spite of all these interesting things she also does business consulting and speaking.

#7. Calie Bundy

fitness influencer lauren derain

Her passion for sports lead to a love of fitness, as Callie says “the harder you train, the better you play”.

As a result, she started competing in the NPC (National Physique Committee) once she was done with her athletic career. She earned her professional status in the sport as an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Bikini competitor.

#8. Erin Stern

fitness influencer erin stern

Born and raised near Miami, Florida, Erin Stern is a fitness model, and bodybuilder who competes in the IFBB.

She holds two Figure Olympia titles, along with numerous other fitness accolades. She’s regarded as one of the greatest Figure icons in the history of bodybuilding.

Although Erin enjoys a successful career in bodybuilding, fitness wasn’t always her first choice. In fact, for the most of her schooling years, she trained to become a professional track athlete; competing in high jumping and running.

#9. Jen Selter

fitness influencer jen selter

Jen Selter, the social media innovator widely known for mainstreaming fitness influencers, started her fitness journey in high school while working at the front desk at a local gym.

Overwhelmed with post-graduation plans and personal challenges, Jen used fitness as an outlet for relieving her stress.

Surrounded by seasoned gym goers, Jen felt she needed the motivation to encourage herself to keep trying, and created an Instagram account to build a community of supportive, like-minded individuals.

What started as a hobby turned into a social media empire, capturing the hearts of millions of supporters worldwide. As a pioneer of the digital age, Jen widely became known for popularizing the “belfie” and her signature “Seltering” poses.

#10. Shawn Bellon

fitness influencer fitness influencer shawn bellon

School teacher, author, strength coach, wellness coordinator, fitness influencer, world class strength athlete and mental health advocate who has experienced many wonderful opportunities in his life.

#11. Chris Kresser

fitness influencer chris kresser

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac is a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative medicine.

He is the creator of, one of the top 25 natural health sites in the world, and the author of the New York Times best seller, Your Personal Paleo Code (published in paperback in December 2014 as The Paleo Cure).

#12. Bret Contreras

fitness influencer bret contreras

Considered to be the world’s foremost expert on glute training. If you work your way through this website, you’ll undoubtedly learn a tremendous amount of information pertaining to the glutes.

#13. Ben Greenfield

fitness influencer ben greenfield

Whether you want to become the complete mental athlete with a flawless brain and nervous system.

Maybe attain an ideal human body that fires on all cylinders from performance to beauty to hormones and beyond, or achieve true and lasting health, happiness, and longevity.

Ben combines intense time-in-the-trenches with ancestral wisdom and modern science to make your dreams a reality.

#14. Jessica Matthews

fitness influencer jessica matchews

Jessica Matthews has a genuine passion and unique ability for transforming people’s lives.

Armed with a wealth of practical, proven and science-based information through nearly two decades of work in the health and wellness field, her mission is to positively shift your perspective about yourself, your life and what they YOU are capable of achieving.

#15. Lauren Drain

fitness influencer Lauren Drain

Registered nurse, Fitness model, personal trainer, Wife and author of bestselling

#16. Julia Buckley

fitness influencer julia buckley

Julia is living proof that you don’t need to have a sporty background to get into phenomenal shape! Her carefully planned workouts are incredibly efficient for burning fat, sculpting lean muscle and building athletic performance.

Plus, along the way, Juila will coach you to develop a better relationship with your body.

#17. Jill Coleman

fitness influencer jill Coleman

Her passion lies in coaching in the areas of mindset, body and business, which she does via her flagship program.

The Best Of You (BOY) Coaching Club mentorship, as well as a few signature online programs, like the Mindset Makeover, the Food Obsession Boot Camp and also 52-week exercise program, the Total Training Experience (TTE).

#18. Wim Hof

fitness influencer wimhof

Wim Hof got his nickname “The Iceman” by breaking a number of records related to cold exposure.

His feats include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in shorts, running a half marathon above the Arctic Circle on his bare feet, and standing in a container while covered with ice cubes for more than 112 minutes.

Having embraced the majestic force of nature, Wim resolved to share his discovery with the rest of the world.

He is convinced that everyone can tap into this potential without having to invest the same decades worth of study, travel and daring.

And so he developed the Wim Hof Method: a natural path to an optimal state of body and mind.

#19. Jim Smith

fitness influencer Jim Smith

Jim is the owner of Diesel Strength & Conditioning. Highly respected, world-renowned strength & conditioning coach.

A member of the Fitness Advisory Board.

Jim has been called one of the most “innovative strength coaches” in the fitness industry. Training athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and weekend warriors, Jim has dedicated himself to helping them reach “beyond their potential”.

#20. JC Dean

fitness influencer Jc dean

JC Dean I whips people into shape and helps them learn how to make fitness complement their lives, as opposed to ruling it.

The ultimate goal at JCD Fitness is to serve you with great content and to inspire positive change in your world.

With JC you’re going to learn why fitness doesn’t have to be hard, or boring.

In fact, it should be fun, challenging, and exciting.

Follow up

Seems like we closed our list of fitness influencers.

We tried to differentiate them by:

  • type of content they publish
  • associations
  • style and niche

Whether you’e interested in educational or entertaining content – these people will give you both.

So go now, visit these website to find your favorites.