Fat loss is the eternal struggle of the first world. With our hectic lifestyle, it’s so easy to forget about our health, and fitness goals.

Stay late at work a few days in a row, and follow it up with a heavy Friday+Saturday night of booze+late fast food (you deserved the unwinding, we know).

On Sunday have a heavy breakfast, spiced up with a fistful of aspirin on, and your new, softer tummy will greet you on Monday morning. Repeat the cycle two-three times per month, and the belly will stay for good until you change things up.

Fortunately, changing things up is not complicated. We will offer you some easy to follow tips for fat loss that you can incorporate into your daily routine, without trying too hard or starving yourself. Before you know it, your belly will be lean and toned again.

hit the weights

Hit The Weights

Your goal is to lose fat, not just weight. Everyone knows the formula “spend more calories than you consume” and the follow up “you can’t outwork a bad diet.” Yes, nutrition is essential, and restricting your calories will make you lose weight, every time.

However, if your plan starts and ends with dieting, you will begin losing something valuable—muscles. Our bodies treat dieting as starvation. When we start eating less, the body is looking to slow down the consumption (by slowing down metabolism), but also to ditch unnecessary load.


If you are not regularly using muscles, body will start treating them as surplus. That’s because muscles require too many calories just to maintain; when we’re on a diet, our calories are restricted, and idle muscles put us in jeopardy, at least from an evolutive perspective that controls our body.

But, if you do strength training while dieting, the process is different. The body will detect that you use the muscles, and won’t start melting them down because you simply need them. They will continue to burn a tone of calories, and the body will have to look elsewhere to get them—fat.

So, you will maintain (or even build) muscles, while losing fat at the same time, improving your body composition. Working out while dieting is the only way to avoid that “skinny-fat” look.

embrace the protein

Embrace The Protein

To maintain and build muscle while dieting, you have to exercise, but you also need to feed those muscles with proteins. When you lift, your muscle tissue gets damaged, and later on, repaired through protein synthesis. No proteins, no new muscles.

Furthermore, proteins are very unlikely to end up as fat. Plus, it is hard to binge eat protein. When you wake up in the middle of the night, you usually crave chocolate or ice-cream, not chicken breast or beef.

Food rich in protein is “heavy” and not only that it fills you up quickly, but it also takes longer to digest. Proteins won’t cause blood sugar and insulin spikes, and will never cause binging. That’s why it’s a good idea to increase your protein intake when trying to lose fat.

Just make sure it is not the only step you take. Replace an unhealthy breakfast with something protein-rich like eggs, and replace your mid-day dessert with a protein shake. Don’t just add another protein meal on top of your diet.

indulge in vegetables

Indulge in Vegetables

Although many popular diets tell you to cut carbs, cutting vegetables would be a huge mistake. Yes, they are carbs too, but most veggies are rich in fiber and good carbs.

Unlike sugars and starch, fibers are digested slowly. They won’t cause energy (and blood sugar, followed by insulin) spikes, leading to cravings and binging. Also, fibers help digestion and are excellent for our gut.

Plus, almost all veggies are low-calorie, but high density, filling you up quickly. Just pick non-starchy ones such as cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and similar (no french fries!).

drink water

Love Water, Tea, And Coffee

Those three should be your best friends. Water has zero calories, but it fills you up and makes you feel good. There are dozens of reasons you should stay hydrated, and none against water. Replace all your juices and sodas with good old H20.

But, you can also drink tea and coffee. Just make sure you drink them clean, without any sugar, cream, coffee creamers, or other additives. Drink your tea unsweetened, and your coffee black. Not only that they will help you reach your hydration goals, but will also help up the fat loss.

Caffeine, which you can find both in tea and coffee, is one of the rare substances proven to trigger fat loss. That’s why you can find it in every fat-burner and similar supplements. Just stay off caffeinated drinks six hours before bed.


Destress And Improve Your Sleep

When you are under stress, your body reacts by producing a hormone called cortisol. What follows is increased appetite, but also the likelihood to store energy as fat. Cortisol is also catabolic, which means it triggers breaking down muscles, which is something you want to avoid, as we previously explained.

Because stress has so many adverse effects, you should do what’s possible to reduce it. Try meditation and breathing exercises, or just spend an hour every day doing things you love, for yourself. Read a book, play video games, hang out with friends, play sports—the choice is yours.


Take a nap! Failing to get the recommended eight hours of sleep will have an impact on your metabolism. Night sleep is the best, but if you can’t get eight at once, embrace afternoon power naps.

Also, improve the quality of your sleep. Use earplugs, eye covers, dark curtains or cover your windows with black tape. You can try white noise machines, or put a white noise playlist on YouTube. And cool your room before going to bed, it helps sleep quality.


As you can see, our five tips were “positive,” things you can start doing, rather than things you should keep away from. You already know that alcohol, sweets and fast food make you fat, and we won’t lecture you, you know what to do.

But, life’s about having fun, and counting every single calorie and feeling guilty on every bite is not that interesting, at least not for most people. That’s why you should incorporate good habits into your lifestyle.

By focusing on the positive, you will make the process of getting healthy much more pleasant, which will make it more likely to last. Keep it up!

5 ultimate tips for fat loss