When it comes to upper body exercise, especially arms, you think of weights. Have you ever thought or tried doing arms workout without equipment. Probably now because it was never needed.

But now since there is a situation where we cannot go to gyms and most of us don’t have equipment at home, it is needed more than ever. Let’s have a look at some arm workouts that can be done without any equipment.

Your body weight is enough and all you will be using. These exercises will also be engaging your core, shoulder and upper back muscles. Wear your workout tank tops and make a cool combination with shorts and get ready to pump arm muscles.

Exercises to Include Into Arms Workout Without Equipment

Arms workout without equipment

Plank tap

Get into pushup position, now tap the left shoulder with right arm and right shoulder with left arm while one by one. Maintain the balance and don’t let the back arch. This makes one rep. This exercise will work on deltoids muscles.

Side plank

Planks are  not just to make great abs, they work many other muscles too, like arms and back. For this one, lie on the side balancing the body off the ground on the elbow and feet. The elbow should be directly under the shoulder. Now raise the top arm and leg towards the ceiling and hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds. 

Forearm reach out plank

Get down to the forearm plank. Extend the right arm and hold the position, bring it back to the initial position and repeat with the other arm. This makes one repetition. Keep the body balanced, core and hips engaged through the exercise. 

Plank switch

This is a switch between two planks. Start with an elbow plank position. Once you are ready to start quickly switch to the high plank (hand plank) position and switch back. This is one rep. Keep on doing reps for as long as you can. Take half a minute break and do it again. Try three sets of this workout and your triceps and deltoids will be pumped good.

Push-up – A Core Of Arms Workout Without Equipment

We have always thought of pushups as a chest exercise. That is true but make a little variation to it and you can get a decent arm workout. One, place your hands on the floor directly under the shoulders and do a pushup. Two, place your hands in such a way that the fingers are touching the pectoralis minor muscles and do a pushup. Three, place the hands under the shoulders, now bring them together making a triangle, then the hands combine while palms are facing the floor and do a pushup. This is a great triceps and deltoid workout. 

Pull-ups – Ultimate Exercise

For this one you have to find a bar or something else like that from where you can hang. Grip the bar strongly, placing the hands shoulder width apart with palms facing towards you. Now hang from the bar loose, pull yourself up so that at least your nose touches the bar and come back to the initial position. 


Downward dog Push-ups

Get in the downward dog position. Touch your left knee with your right hand, go forward and touch your toes if you can. Otherwise, return to the initial position and repeat with an alternating hand. Once done with that slowly get into pushup position and do’a pushup. Now return back into downward dog position. This makes one rep. 

Declining push-ups

Get your feet on some bench, box, small table or chair. Now form a high plank position and do a pushup. Make sure the box, chair or whatever you are using does not slip away. On the other end, make sure your hands are done slipping away either. This puts extra weight on the arms making it difficult. 

Inclining push-ups

Conversely. This time place that box under your hands and just do how a normal pushup is done. Again make sure the box or whatever you are using does not slip away. To make sure of that you can place it against the wall. 

Plank walk

Get down into a high plank position. Now start walking like spiderman does. Step forward the right foot and right hand followed by the left. Keep on walking around your house like that. While doing so make sure not to arch the back too much and keep the core engaged. 

Triceps dips

Get some bench, chair or box and place it behind your back. Place your hand’s shoulder width apart on there. Now adjust yourself so that you can easily lower the body while not leaving much space between the box and your back. Now lower yourself and get back up using your arms only. If it seems difficult, try using the box which has less height. Also don’t completely sit down on the floor.

Plank jacks

Get into a high plank position. Once ready start hoping your feet in and out like we do in jumping jacks. Try not to arch the back and keep the core engaged while doing so. Continue doing as long as you can, take some rest and repeat.

Burpees – Great For Finishing Your Arms Workout Without Equipment

Everyone knows how to do burpees. Get into the push up position and do a pushup. Getting up from the pushup position, jump up and get into squat position. Do a squat and while getting up from squat jump up high reaching for the sky. As soon as you land, get back into pushup position. 

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