In this article you will discover useful tips for running on the treadmill.

The treadmill is one of the classic and essential devices in gyms and it has always caught my attention that it is, at the same time, one of the most requested devices, occupied most of the time and one of the most hated or First mentioned by people saying, ” Ugh, I hate running on a treadmill .”

The treadmill is a very useful device because it allows us to run when it is not possible to do it outdoors due to the temperature (very hot or cold), rain, air, lack of lighting, etc. But, beware, we should not only see it as a kind of ” runner methadone” with which to give ourselves a dose when we cannot run outside because we can get a lot of use out of it since it gives us the possibility of controlling many variables in detail and, from that way, experiencing things we can’t do when we go outside.

It also allows us to optimize the time for certain workouts so we can make very small temporary spaces profitable.

Yes, it is clear that if we have half an hour we will not be able to replace a long run run, but in half an hour on the treadmill we can do a very good job that, perhaps, we cannot do outside because, on the treadmill of running, all the time we spend is potentially useful. For example, if we want to run on a slope , all we have to do is hit a little button and, voila, while outside, we have to go to the place where we find the slope we want.

So why?

That is why I like to see it as a complement, not as a substitute because, although there are cases of athletes who do practically all their training on the treadmill (some of them from the international elite), it does not seem to be the most recommended.

And I’m not talking about it being potentially more or less damaging (something that has not been demonstrated, neither for nor against it) but rather that there are many things that are different with respect to running outdoors . For example: there is less energy expenditure because the foot moves more easily, helped by the treadmill, and the air resistance does not have to be overcome, less sweat evaporates with which we sweat more, you are stuck in a small space, etc.

So, as almost always happens, the treadmill is neither good nor bad, or the opposite, but depends on what we need , how we use it, what for, etc. What is clear is that it is one of the many tools or options that we have for training and that is why we have decided to prepare this article in which we give you, below, a series of principles or tips that we believe are worth considering. to get the most out of the treadmill.

1.- Equip yourself properly

Why do people dress in the most top gear to go running and yet wear anything when they go on a treadmill? Sorry, I don’t understand, and if anyone knows a logical reason, please tell me because maybe I’m the wrong one.

If you are going to run, wherever it is, you must equip yourself properly and this implies a correct choice of clothing, shoes, electronic devices if you think you need them, etc.

As it is in a closed place, you do not need textile to protect yourself from the cold and with a single layer it is worth it but you are going to sweat a lot so put on comfortable, light clothes and value that it is the one that does not wobble much when it is wet. Ojito to the socks , do not wear 100% cotton of the ” 3 for 5 euros” , please, something finite.

The shoes…

The shoes are somewhat tricky and difficult to generalize but think that the tape cushions a lot so I think it is better to have something firm, rather light, not excessively stiff but flexible, breathable, etc. I personally suggest you to buy sports equipment using Amazon promo code so that you can get maximum savings. 

Cap is not necessary (but if you like the posture, go ahead), value a hair band because it works great, a towel or cloth to dry your sweat, heart rate monitor / watch / chrono (although those data will be from the machine, later we will see why take it), etc.

Something to hydrate is essential , a bottle of water, a drum or whatever you want, but put it on and use it, please. Do not even think that, because you stick with the sweat of the century you are going to lose a lot of weight or that you are going to do a better workout because it could be the opposite.

Does it seem like a lot of fuss? Geez, but if I started by saying that you have to dress analogously to how you run outside so don’t grumble at me, that you have everything.

2.- Learn to run on a treadmill

It is not necessary to get a doctorate or do a master’s to run on a treadmill, but be careful, because it is not convenient to get on and start running around because we can generate some unwanted problems .

Think that the surface you are walking on is not still, but is moving backwards, and the moment you place your foot on it, the pattern you are used to changes.

You must also get used to the distances to feel comfortable with the side bars, the fact that you have in front of you the central unit and another bar, which you cannot move at ease, etc.

There are countless factors that can make you feel strange and change the way you run, even if it is only the psychological effect, which can produce small overloads that, repeated hundreds or thousands of times, end up generating a real problem, an injury In all rules.

It is also recommended that you learn to get on and off the tape while it is running , to be able to manipulate the buttons without having to stop, etc.

3.- Get familiar with the treadmill you are going to run on

Even if you have been running for thousands of kilometers on a treadmill, you should always take an initial look at the one you are going to use to see how tight the wheel is, whether it is well supported or lame, that it has the emergency button correctly ,…

Also, when you start running, try to determine if it is properly calibrated. I am not referring to the caloric expenditure or the pulsations but to the rhythms and slopes because there are times when the tape says nothing at all with what it actually has.

Yes, it is worth that sometimes it works in your favor and you think that you are going at speeds of vertigo without effort but, to what it bothers when it is the other way around and you think that you are going to take off and it tells you that you are running at 10 km / h? Well that, when in doubt, try to identify all that at the beginning and so you already know what to expect or, in case it works regularly, make a change to another.

The tension of the treadmill is very important because it is very bad to run with a loose treadmill since the foot does not support well and can slide.

4.- Take care of posture and technique when running on the treadmill

This applies whenever we run, but due to the particularities of treadmill training, it may be necessary to pay special attention to certain aspects.

It is typical to tend to shorten the stride, either because the tape is small, or because we feel overwhelmed and think that we are going to get out or, sometimes, because we are going fast and we need to increase frequency at the cost of reducing the amplitude of the stride. Sometimes the opposite happens, especially when going slow, you see some jumping more than running.

Be careful

Try to maintain an amplitude that is natural to you, and in fact, the tape is ideal for working the amplitude and stride frequency because you can gradually vary the speed of the tape and experiment to see what frequencies and rhythms you feel more comfortable. In fact, if you take a metronome you can freak out about the work you can do.

Do not look down because you are not going to stumble, there are no irregularities on the ground, it is the same tape all the time so take the opportunity to look ahead and a little down, with your head well supported but without excessive tension.

I said head because it is the final part of the chain but even if you have gone through the hip, trunk, neck … To control yourself, it is ideal if there is a mirror because there you see all the defects that you surely have (we have them all, do not think that you run perfect, I assure you).

Arm movement, leg movement … All that we explain to you in the running technique exercises and that you can see on the treadmill very easily, infinitely more controlled than when you run outside where it is not easy to find how to see yourself while running to detect all those flaws.

5.- Training varies, combines variables

Why is it going to be more boring than running outside? Perhaps it cannot be boring to go around the athletics track, always run on the same road segment, always go up and down the same mountain … What do you do to avoid all this boredom? Several things? Well, what you do on the tape also varies !

Most of the tapes have predefined programs incorporated, but to avoid having to eat your head with it or not depend on anything external, you just have to play around with the speed and incline buttons and you can set up the training you want. you want.

For example: with a constant flat slope, do two minutes at a medium pace and a half minute strong repeating it several times, at a rate of 7-8 km / h and go walking on the flat and every so often put on a couple of minutes with the 12-15 % of difference, etc.

The possibilities are endless and not only playing with those variables but also combining your own parameters: modify your stride frequency without touching rhythm or slope, try doing CaCos with a lot of slope …

6.- Combine the treadmill with other activities

Have you tried putting five minutes of treadmill at a medium high pace in a block of two or three strength exercises ? Well, try it and you’ll see what blood tastes like, I assure you.

For example: Combine a pull exercise, weightless squats, and a few seconds of ironing three times, and when you finish the third time, instead of ironing, get on the treadmill at your cruising speed. You will see how your pulse rises, the temperature, the rhythm of breathing and it reminds you of the mother who invented the treadmill.

For triathletes, ideal for short indoor multi-transitions , such as warm-up before a spinning session, to start full and warm, etc.

7.- Take advantage of the treadmill to test

They say experiments should be done with soda instead of champagne so why not take your new set of clothes, sneakers or whatever to the gym and try it in a controlled way on the treadmill?

If you see that it is not going well, you abort and that’s it, another day you put it on again, you can vary the tie of the shoe as many times as you want without staying cold, etc.


Selena is a blogger and a guest contributor for a well-known brand that includes MESHEBLE & The Ordinary Products. In her leisure time, she plays tennis.